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Vintage Earring

Being a fashion enthusiast isn’t an easy task. Finding your niche, getting used to the fact that fashion is growing on you, and collecting all that resonates with your style is not something that everybody could manage. All the fashion fiends, take a bow!

Fashion itself is a wide avenue to explore and there are just too many things to factor into when one is talking about fashion. So many backgrounds, references, and nuances come into play whenever fashion is discussed. However, style on the other hand is a subjective concept and means different things to different people. The style manifests itself in various ways and is usually presented as an art form by many. One such style is Vintage that draws its inspiration from the Victorian and Elizabethian culture. These styles were relevant back in the 19th century and flared in their influence in the pop culture in the current day. The people who follow this style might or might not have a lot of jewellery on them, i

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Jewellery for Working Women's

Jewellery is usually loved by everyone. If not to wear, then to at least see. Jewellery is so beautiful that not a single person can deny on the magnificence of it, no questions asked! A lot of us love styling ourselves with jewellery but often do not know where to start or how to find appropriate jewellery. Especially, in corporate environments, style often takes a back seat as we do not know if wearing regular jewellery would be right or not. However, of course, there are options that you could go for if you are a working woman and want to wear jewellery to your office. 

- Minimal rings: Nothing like some beautifully crafted, minimal ring for your office. Going just perfectly with your work outfits, minimal rings are something that you would absolutely love styling and they also look appropriate. Nothing over the top, just elegance and stunning

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Bracelets That Every Modern Man Should Have In 2021

Men’s jewelry can be a tricky subject. While women can pull off a whole range of ornaments from bling to baubles, not all men feel comfortable donning more than a watch, a wedding or class ring, or a discreet earring. But it’s no longer only the rich and famous who are rocking their jewelry; men are also adorning themselves with pieces of jewelry. There was a time when men used to shy away from the very idea of jewelry. Vikings wore jewelry. Kings wore jewelry. Pretty much every significant man in history wore silver and gold. However, in recent times, there has been an attitudinal change and men have embraced jewelry as well. Our style icons and Bollywood stars have helped with inspiration – Ranbir’s diamond stud just adds to his charm and if you still haven’t heard of the Salman Khan bracelet, you’ve been living under a rock.

Jewelry is always about balance and this is for everyone. Don’t wear an oversized rock on your

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Let's your desire meet a new style here on Miorah

Inspired by the love for fashion and jewellery, Miorah creates intriguing designs that completely favour the beauty of a woman irrespective of her role. Our admiration for women and their undying love for jewellery is what inspire us to create some flawless pieces, thus claiming to be people in command of Indian jewellery onlineRead More..
We understand the varied accessory needs that women have because we understand how the trends change – from gold, to imitation jewellery and now to gemstone and silver plated jewellery – and we’ve lived them all with you which is exactly why we’re here with more unique designs and something that is absolutely classy.
Have a date night, a festive occasion or a marriage to attend or just a casual day outing? We’ve got you covered with our latest designs of silver plated jewelry for women, bespoke as you may want them to be. From rings to pendants, necklaces, earrings, and everything that you need in that showy jewellery box is available here.
We take immense pride in our commitment towards rare and traditional art, crafts and narratives, all of which is carefully and beautifully added in our designs so we can create contemporary accessories for the women that inspire them in the first place.
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