Women's Chains

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Elegant Chains Online For Women

Elegant and sleek chains are the most sought after jewellery accessory. Chains are both worn by men and women, and have a great significance in today's fashion trends. As chains are mostly lightweight people are attracted towards them for their day to day wear. Miorah’s wide variety of online chain collections include gold, silver and imitation jewellery chains.

Chain Designs

Miorah offers a buffet of designs which include snake, lariat, layered, box chain and much more to suit your fashion needs. Also each chain comes in a varying length and sizes according to your need. We also have a variety in gold plated chains. You will also find designs which are featured with intricate patterns and are heavier.

Affordable Designs

Miorah’s online chain collections are not only beautiful but are very affordable. You can find many designs in ladies chains which have a very minimal price tag but with great designs.

Styling Tips

It is often said that the outfit is not successful without the right jewellery and chains add a classic look and goes a long way in completing your look. You can wear a sleek chain with lighter designs for your everyday style. You can also wear our ornate designs with your traditional dresses which will make a statement. Miorah’s collection includes fancy ladies chains suitable for daily wear but also heavier designs for a party wear look. You can also wear them in layers or add pendants from our collection to sport a more chic and fashionable look.

Shopping chains online

Miorah has the latest chain designs thus shopping chains online gives you a pool of advantages like a huge number of catalogues to choose from, delivery at your home, easy return and exchanges.


Still got questions in mind, here’s some answers for them:

Can I sleep in your chain?

Our imitation jewellery is made of the finest materials, but fashion jewellery does need care. It is always advisable to not wear chains to bed, as it might cause damage to the product and you might also injure yourself.

Can I wear chains to the shower or the pool?

As said before fashion jewellery needs care. And like the rule states jewellery should be the last thing you wear while dressing up and the first thing to take off once you are home. Wearing fashion jewellery to the shower or the pool is a strict no no, as it may damage the color and also corrode the gold or silver plating.

If one has sensitive skin, can he/she wear Miorah’s imitation and silver chains?

You need not worry about this. As nickel is the main trigger for skin rashes, Miorah makes nickel free jewellery. All our other products go through a strict quality control check so that you have an amazing experience.

How do I take care of my chain sets?

The most important thing to do is never expose your chains to harsh chemicals. Clean your chains with soft cloth and keep them in boxes to avoid scratches.