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A mark of forever, Our designer Mangalsutras For Women

Steeped deeply in tradition, mangalsutras play a vital role in Indian marriages. Mangalsutras are given the status of a sacred thread that signifies the sacred relationship between the man and his wife. It also symbolizes that they will be together until death separates them.The tradition of wearing mangalsutras across India varies from culture to culture. In South India, brides wear mangalsutras called “Thali” and have three knots, each symbolizing loyalty, dedication and devotion. On the other hand in North India it is made with a pendant and black beads and is called “Tanmaniya”, and is said to protect the husband from danger. Whilst a lot of other cultures like the Bengalis and Marathis didn’t have any such traditions but with the growing pop culture, the popularity of mangalsutra has increased.

Miorah’s wide collection of online mangalsutra designs will have you mesmerized. Be it the gold and diamond mangalsutras or the imitation mangalsutra designs, Miorah offers a huge variety.

Why choose Miorah’s Mangalsutras?

There are many online stores who do a so and so job of crafting mangalsutras, but Miorah’s expert craftsmen create designs which are fusion of traditional musings with trendy designs which are like no other. Keeping the sanctity and traditions intact Miorah’s mangalsutras have a multitude of new innovative designs incorporated in them.

A wide variety of designs

Miorah’s mangalsutras are the best mangalsutras you can find online. Be it short or long mangalsutra designs or bold mangalsutras to layered ones, we have something new in every style. Our online mangalsutra collection also includes mangalsutra sets which includes elegant mangalsutras with matching earrings for a complete and elegant look. Miorah’s designs are versatile enough and can be adorned with any outfit of your choice. No matter if you are wearing western or casual outfits or traditional outfits, our designs will blend easily and add a touch of elegance.

Styling Tips

It is always a great idea to combine a mangalsutra with several other accessories. Apart from our mangalsutra collection online, Miorah also offers stunning designs of toe rings, necklace sets, bangles and much more to give you an unbeatable and graceful look.

Shopping Mangalsutras Online

Buying mangalsutra online at Miorah gives you a wide variety of options which is not possible if you visit a store. Our designs showcase a blend of modern with the old, past with the present in an aesthetic pattern studded with american diamonds, semi precious stones like garnet CZ etc. Miorah’s online mangalsutra designs are affordable and you can find any piece according to your budget. Our mangalsutras are a must have.


Still got questions in mind, here’s some answers for them:

Can I sleep in your mangalsutra?

Our imitation jewellery is made of the finest materials, but fashion jewellery does need care. It is always advisable to not wear mangalsutras to bed, as it might cause damage to the product and you might also injure yourself.

Can I wear mangalsutras to the shower or the pool?

As said before fashion jewellery needs care. And like the rule states jewellery should be the last thing you wear while dressing up and the first thing to take off once you are home. Wearing fashion jewellery to the shower or the pool is a strict no no, as it may damage the color and also corrode the gold or silver plating.

If one has sensitive skin, can he/she wear Miorah’s imitation and silver mangalsutras?

You need not worry about this. As nickel is the main trigger for skin rashes, Miorah makes nickel free jewellery. All our other products go through a strict quality control check so that you have an amazing experience.

How do I take care of my mangalsutra sets?

The most important thing to do is never expose your mangalsutras to harsh chemicals. Clean your mangalsutras with soft cloth and keep them in boxes to avoid scratches.