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Charming Pendants Online For Women

Some accessories are meant to elevate and complete your looks. Pendants are one such category, which not only speak volumes about your personality but also add a touch of personal touch to your outfit. Hence when you buy from Miorah’s online pendant collection looking great comes at arm’s reach. Miorah has a wide variety of online pendant and pendant sets for women suited for every occasion and outfit.

Our designs

Miorah creates eye catching designs which showcase a unique blend of artistic traditional motifs and modern techniques. Our online pendant collection includes gold and diamond pendants, silver and imitation pendants. We also have unique designs that shimmer with varying semi precious gemstones like garnets, american diamonds, etc. Miorah’s pendant sets are also featured with intricate designs which are not only chic but add elegance to your looks. Our wide range of pendants collection range starting from alphabet pendants, heart pendants, solitaire cubic zirconia pendants, silver and oxidised pendants and much more.

Affordable designs

Miorah’s designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also affordable and budget friendly. Miorah enables you to have a pendant or pendant set of your choice for any occasion which also does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Thoughtful gifts

Fairly inexpensive, pendants are one of the most thoughtful and heartfelt gifts for your closed ones. Our adorable heart pendant sets are a great gift for Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays etc. They are sure to put a smile on their faces. You can also gift our pendants to one's own self for celebrating a personal or professional achievement.

Styling Tips

Our silver and imitation pendant collection have loads of options. To get a more feminine flare for a wedding, you can pair your dress with our traditional pendants. The gold and diamond pendants are the perfect addition for casual day to day style. Be it your jeans and white shirt or your sari- Miorah offers a plethora of options in designer as well as gold and diamond pendants to fulfill your fashion requirements.


Still got questions in mind, here’s some answers for them:

Can I sleep in your pendant?

Our imitation jewellery is made of the finest materials, but fashion jewellery does need care. It is always advisable to not wear a pendant to bed, as it might cause damage to the product and you might also injure yourself.

Can I wear a pendant to the shower or the pool?

As said before fashion jewellery needs care. And like the rule states jewellery should be the last thing you wear while dressing up and the first thing to take off once you are home. Wearing fashion jewellery to the shower or the pool is a strict no no, as it may damage the color and also corrode the gold or silver plating.

If one has sensitive skin, can he/she wear Miorah’s imitation and silver pendants?

You need not worry about this. As nickel is the main trigger for skin rashes, Miorah makes nickel free jewellery. All our other products go through a strict quality control check so that you have an amazing experience.

How do I take care of my pendant sets?

The most important thing to do is never expose your jewellery to harsh chemicals. Clean your pendant with soft cloth and keep them in boxes to avoid scratches.