Jewellery is usually loved by everyone. If not to wear, then to at least see. Jewellery is so beautiful that not a single person can deny on the magnificence of it, no questions asked! A lot of us love styling ourselves with jewellery but often do not know where to start or how to find appropriate jewellery. Especially, in corporate environments, style often takes a back seat as we do not know if wearing regular jewellery would be right or not. However, of course, there are options that you could go for if you are a working woman and want to wear jewellery to your office. 

- Minimal rings: Nothing like some beautifully crafted, minimal ring for your office. Going just perfectly with your work outfits, minimal rings are something that you would absolutely love styling and they also look appropriate. Nothing over the top, just elegance and stunning looks! All that you have to do is, just put on some solids and adorn yourself with some simple yet, “oh-so-beautiful” minimal ring and look your best! Some 92.5 silver ring would do just as fine, believe us!

- Hoop EarringsHoop earrings are such plain still so exquisite pieces of jewellery that they go with almost every outfit of yours. Whether you are wearing a western outfit or you are killing it with some ethnic outfits, hoop earrings are your constants. They look gorgeous on women that like to keep it simple. Here’s a little suggestion: Get together some jeans, put on a printed top, get some heels, and put on some hoop earrings and watch yourself go from 10 to 100! 

- BraceletsBracelets have this innate power to exponentiate your ensemble in a snap! These stunning pieces of jewellery could give your outfits such a personality that just by sitting on your wrists, they could make you look complete. There are so many options for bracelets that you could go for when you want to look fashionable at your workplace. Just put on your favourite clothes and bracelets and get ready to look presentable and stylish!

- Minimal PendantsMinimal pendants have a charm of their own. They cannot ever look extra when you want to style them in a muted, understated way. These sleek pendants could again, add so much character to your outfits without even stealing your limelight. There are a plethora of options that you could go for when you are going for pendants as they come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. Pair them with a nice, sleek chain and with your favourite formal outfit and look great!

So, these are a few ideas to get you started with your “wearing jewellery to work” journey. These look not only appropriate but also gorgeous when you put them on. It is known that workplaces are not the best places to explore your fashionable side, but these are great options to go subtly about it! Hoping that these options help in the best way possible and give you what you are looking for!