Men’s jewelry can be a tricky subject. While women can pull off a whole range of ornaments from bling to baubles, not all men feel comfortable donning more than a watch, a wedding or class ring, or a discreet earring. But it’s no longer only the rich and famous who are rocking their jewelry; men are also adorning themselves with pieces of jewelry. There was a time when men used to shy away from the very idea of jewelry. Vikings wore jewelry. Kings wore jewelry. Pretty much every significant man in history wore silver and gold. However, in recent times, there has been an attitudinal change and men have embraced jewelry as well. Our style icons and Bollywood stars have helped with inspiration – Ranbir’s diamond stud just adds to his charm and if you still haven’t heard of the Salman Khan bracelet, you’ve been living under a rock.

Jewelry is always about balance and this is for everyone. Don’t wear an oversized rock on your ear or a chain that’s thicker than your throat. The jewelry you wear should add to your confidence levels. You also need to decide what to wear when. If you work in a conservative office, don’t wear a dangling earring in one ear. Opt for a subtle chain or tie-bar instead. Whereas women’s pieces might feature filigree or floral designs, men tend to opt for straighter lines. Tribal designs fit the bill and make a strong impression, as do geometric styles.

In the world of fashion accessories for men, bracelets have become a serious talk of the town. When blended with creativity, they ooze not only style but also meaning. Another great thing about this piece of accessory is that it can be matched up with any outfit.

BEADED BRACELETS: These bracelets are simple, classy, and sophisticated. Comfort comes with simplicity in these types of bracelets. They can easily be paired up with casual and formal wear at the same time. Beads in the bracelets can be according to one's zodiac sign. Rudraksha beads are very popularly used in these types of bracelets.

CHARM BRACELETS: A charm bracelet is extremely popular as it can be personalized. These bracelets signify a story or something related to the wearer’s life. Charmed bracelets can be paired with casual wear or some trendy formals to look your best. The reason why these are popular is that you can change your bracelet’s charms whenever you want to. It is easy to take them off and you can change the entire look of your bracelet.

SILVER BRACELETS: Bracelets are made in all types of metals, but the popular metal is silver. Silver bracelets are usually seen on Sikh men, they wear them with religious belief. These bracelets are meant to remind God's discipline. On these bracelets, one can also engrave quotes by God or something personal.

The wonderful thing about men’s jewellery is that it is anything but a need. By wearing a bracelet, you will upgrade your presentation and personality. You will be a man with flawless attention for admirable detail.