Toe rings are a fun and straightforward way to add a bit of effortless femininity and glam touches to any outfit. As little and small as this accessory is, it gives you a sexy style that is big, glamorous, and unique.

Other than being just a fashion accessory it has a significant position in our culture and beliefs. It holds an important value for every Indian bride out there.

Fashion is evolving every day, and toe rings have become a new must-have making their fashion rounds. You will find toe rings in a variety of materials such as gold, silver, and even jewels. Let's see the most elegant and attractive toe rings trends of 2021. Which will help you choose the most elegant pair and stand out from the crowd.

Silver Toe Rings

Silver is the most preferred material for toe rings. Silver is considered a cool material compared to other materials. A silver toe ring will not blacken your skin and will give your feet a graceful look at the same time. It compliments all foot shapes. Silver toe rings look traditional, chic, and elegant. So, you should definitely consider a silver toe ring.

Silver Toe Ring

Silver Toe Rings With Stones

Who doesn’t love adding colors to their jewelry? And What will be better than a pretty silver ring and a stone of your choice? If you’re a bride-to-be, you must consider having one at your wedding, and you will cherish it forever. This trend is followed by women of all age groups, as it is neither too loud nor too dull.

Silver Toe Ring with Stone

Adjustable Toe Ring

"Adjustable" is one of the features of toe rings. As fashion evolved it became one of the types of toe rings. Adjustable toe rings come in many styles, the most trending ones are simple and aesthetic designs. These types of toe rings can be easily worn on any occasion and outfit. They prove to be a perfect fit for everyday wear. You can also wear them across multiple toes when you feel like it.

Adjustable Toe Ring

Ghungroo Toe Ring

Add some drama to your feet and choose the cute ghunghroo toe rings. A set of ghungroo is attached with the toe ring. These types of toe rings come in both fitted style and adjustable style. It adds playfulness and drama to your feet. It is usually very popular among rural women, but it is now a trending jewelry piece among urban ladies.

ghunghroo toe rings

Toe Ring With Anklet

This particular type of toe ring is a multipurpose one. It comes with an anklet and looks voguish. Definitely worth giving it a try. These types of toe rings look elegant to those ladies having a smaller bone structure. You will be pleased to see the incredible beaded chain style of toe rings that will make you feel more dramatic. Most women choose this to wear on marriages where they simply look flourishing. Moreover, they give off some vibrant and colorful vibes.

Toe Ring With Anklet

These are some of the trending styles of toe rings in 2021. Hope our suggestion cleared your thoughts.