Women's Earrings Design

    Round Face Shape 92.5 Earring

    Rs. 4,268.00

    Beautiful metallic stud to which a circular base is hanging. It has a face charm attached to its center and beads hanging down from it. You can make your suit...

    92.5 Silver Face Earring SKU RJ-E025

    Rs. 4,304.00

    Kathakali lady faced earrings in oxidized silver. It has a semic loop hanging from it to which 4 cones are attached. These unique pieces have engraved detailing work that gives...

    Newly Tribe silver 92.5 Earring SKU RJ-E024

    Rs. 2,272.00

    Peacock earrings with the engraving on the top stud. This 98.7 oxidized silver piece has a tear-drop shaped dangler with beads hanging to it. This is a simple long Jhumka...

    Tribe Paan Shape 92.5 Silver Earring

    Rs. 3,133.00

    Tribal oxidized earrings with a Paan-shaped look. These pieces ahs swans engraved on them along with the background work. They have beads and chakras attached from the below- metallic balls...

    92.5 Silver Heart Shape Tribe Earring

    Rs. 3,107.00

    Want a detailed traditional work to gift your love who loves tribal and boho jewelry? Then this can make her impressed. This piece has a peacock turned on top, with...

    92.5 Silver Unique Tribal Earring

    Rs. 2,310.00

    Unique silver tribal earrings with a trendy design. This piece has a heart-shaped structure on top, a circular base hanging to that with attached beads. These beads can make a...

    Ganpati 92.5 Silver Earring

    Rs. 2,477.00

    92.5 oxidized silver earrings of just 17.38 gms weight. These pieces have a long swan-like neck hanging to which is the Ganpati avatar with beads below it. This is a...

    Unique Face Design Earring In Silver

    Rs. 5,156.00

    Face-shaped earrings with a unique style and trendy design. It has a semi hoop attached to it with 4 cones hanging to it. This complete piece a clear tribal look...

    Tribales 92.5 Silver earring unique and refined piece

    Rs. 5,374.00

    Oxidized long tribal earrings for girls and women. These unique pieces have Ganesh Ji in the circular stud to which the 3-layered flower-shaped danglers are hanging. These beauties look the...

    Rangoli Design 92.5 Silver Earring

    Rs. 3,560.00

    Are you the round face person? Are you looking for a piece to highlight your jawline? Then this must be your top pick. These cylindrical danglers hanging to the simple...

    Vintage Tribal Silver 92.5 Earrings

    Rs. 3,148.00

    If you have been looking for a tribal piece that looks authentic and unique, then this is for you. Pick these beautiful earrings with a stud to which a ring...

    Silver Afghani Tribal 92.5 Silver Earrings

    Rs. 7,213.00

    If you are the Afghani work lover, then this piece is all you need. These amazing earrings have an Afghani detailing work right from the circular top to the dangler....

    Gemstone Silver Earring

    Rs. 4,664.00

    A 92.5 silver earring with pink opal and turquoise beads. This beautiful piece looks great with a peach-colored stone and grapevine shaped pearls along with metallic cones at the top....

    Latest And Trendy Silver Earring

    Rs. 2,299.00

    This is a beautiful 92.5 Silver + Gem stone earring with the look of a grapevine. This is in pinkish color with a black bead hanging from below. This cute...

    Peridot & Pearl Dangles Earring

    Rs. 2,584.00

    This is a beautiful Peridot & Pearl earring. This is a white pearl with 92.5 silver ivory material hanging down. This has a beautiful flower-shaped metallic piece. You can pair...

    Authentic tribal 92.5 Silver earrings

    Rs. 2,600.00

    Unique design tribal jewelry with an authentic look. These oxidized earrings look just the right choice for you. It has an ear-shaped stud to which a spade is attached that...

    Multiple Stone Dangles For Women

    Rs. 2,852.00

    92.5 Silver earring Do you love long dangling earrings? Want to bring some attention to your ears? These multi-level dangling earrings can be a good pick for you. They look...

    Tribal Zone 92.5 Silver Earrings

    Rs. 5,325.00

    Tribal zone 92.5 Silver earrings with special attention. These circular studs with wide danglers are all you need for any occasion or event. You have a round circular stud on...

    Amazing Collections Of Silver Earrings

    Rs. 2,451.00

    Beautiful 92.5 Silver earrings with Rose Quartz, Garnet, peridot, pearl beads and balls hanging to them. It has a purple stone at the end along with a conical charm. This...

    Light Weight Silver Dangles Earring

    Rs. 1,780.00

    This is a set of lightweight 92.5 silver earrings. It has a white pearl to which the blue beads are hung along with metallic balls. This looks amazing just like...

    Silver Tourquise Dangles Earring For Women

    Rs. 3,624.00

    Silver 92.5 earrings with turquoise and metallic studs hanging from it. This has 2 beads hanging from the main piece that looks great with western outfits. This is an amazing...

    Rose Quartz & Tourquise Dangles Earring

    Rs. 1,647.00

    92.5 Silver and turquoise bead blend earrings for girls. This product has a metallic flower stud in the center that is attached to the blue beaded ring and has a...

    Smoky & Pearl Dangles Earring

    Rs. 1,245.00

    92.5 Silver earrings with a smoky look. These golden and silver polished items can be the best suitable for your ethnic, traditional, or semi-traditional attire. Get ready to slay the...

    Pink Opal & Pearl Silver Earring

    Rs. 2,049.00

    Golden pearl, Pink opal, garnet and metallic beads with a flower hanging below them. Opal and silver products for young girls and women. This simple and elegant looks best for...

    Fashionable Silver Earrings For Women

    Rs. 4,999.00

    Turquiose & Pearl ball beads with silver flowers and hanging Position. This gives a funky look with the turquoise single-threaded beads hanging down to your neck. You can fix this...

    Dangles Silver Stone Earring

    Rs. 2,317.00

    Chalcedony pearl earrings with a trendy look. This fashionable item can lend a hand in completing your look like an angel. A perfect outfit to match this piece and you...

    Ethnic and Tribal 92.5 Silver Earring

    Rs. 3,997.00

    Ethnic earrings for girls and women. These tribal-inspired designs look stunning for all occasions. You can pair this up with the right colors and set the stage on fire. If...

    Tourquise & Pearl Silver Dangles Earring

    Rs. 1,647.00

    Pearl and turquoise earrings for girls. These beauties by your side will help you win extra attention from those special people. It gives a traditional look with a modern touch...

    Pearl & Smoky Silver Dangles Earring

    Rs. 2,584.00

    Black Onyx, Smoky, Pearl Stone earrings for young girls. These beautiful pieces are just the ones you need to make a fashion quotation. It has a leaf charm hanging below...

    Ultra Unique Qabilah 92.5 Silver Earring

    Rs. 9,214.00

    Qabilah earrings of 92.5 oxidized silver. These long Jhumkas are made of a stud on top with an attached hanging dangler. It had beads attached to the danglers. This beautiful...

    Designer Silver Dangles Earring

    Rs. 2,084.00

    92.5 Silver + Gem Stone earrings with crystal beads for girls. These hanging earrings have easy to put on and take off-hook to save your time and the crystal clear...

    Creative Tribal 92.5 Silver Earring

    Rs. 3,253.00

    Creative tribal jewelry to hype your look. It has an avatar engraved on the stud, a spade dangler to which star-shaped chakras are hanging. These cute pieces compliment your face...

    Silver Pearl Dangles Earring

    Rs. 1,515.00

    Pearl crystal & Turquiose balls earrings , metallic flower, and pointed leaf charm. A perfect combination to compliment your look and give you a spellbound face. This can be paired...

    Delilah Stud Earrings

    Rs. 12,233.00 – Rs. 16,245.00

    These classic stud earrings are featured with pave set diamonds gracing the intertwined knots. The push back posts help in easy and hassel free wear. Product Information  Product Weight 1.41 gms...

    Ivy Diamond Stud Earrings

    Rs. 8,091.00 – Rs. 10,592.00

    These super chic stud earrings create an alluring look with its shimmering pave set diamonds studded on elegant swirls. These stud earrings are completed with push back posts. Product Information...

    Amber Diamond Stud Earrings

    Rs. 12,717.00 – Rs. 16,991.00

    A subtle hint of sparkle for your everyday wear. These studs feature elegant curves shimmering with pave set diamonds for a lovely look. The complimentary push backs are for easy...

    Kiara Diamond Stud Earrings

    Rs. 10,647.00 – Rs. 14,165.00

    Elevated yet perfect for daily wear. These pretty stud earrings feature pave set diamonds in subtle crafted motifs of gold. They are complemented with push back posts. Product Information  Product Weight...

    Arabella Diamond Earrings

    Rs. 11,971.00 – Rs. 15,847.00

    Perfectly petite and easy to wear, these stud earrings are tiny drops of heaven. Featured with an intricately crafted knot at the center surrounded in an halo of pave set...

    Noelle Diamond Stud Earrings

    Rs. 8,839.00 – Rs. 11,496.00

    Breathtaking pave set diamonds adorn the unique motifs of these stud earrings, emanating a sumptuous feminine glamour. These stud earrings come with push back posts for easy wear. Product Information...

    Coin Fitted Multi-Coloured Jhumki

    Rs. 6,205.00

    A unique twist on traditional 92.5 Silver jhumki, our MIORAH multi-coloured Jhumka earrings are one of our personal favourites. Handmade in oxidized silver with antique coin fitted in the middle...

    Noel Diamond Stud Earrings

    Rs. 11,276.00 – Rs. 14,926.00

    Glamorously chic these stud earrings are featured with glistening pave set diamonds embellished in unique motifs. These stud earrings come with push back posts. Product Information  Product Weight 1.35 gms  Length...

    Heart Shaped Jhumka With Semi Precious Stones

    Rs. 2,474.00

    These heart-shape jhumkas beautifully toned with semi-precious pink and white stones are enough to catch your soulmate’s attention. Crafted in oxidized silver with a unique design, these jhumki earrings can...

    Kashmiri Jhumka With Sparkling Zirconia

    Rs. 2,781.00

    Earrings are considered as an ultimate style accessory. Every woman falls in love with in-season earrings, then why not go for this “Kashmiri Jhumka” set. Adorned with sparkling zircons and...

    Embellished In Silver Zirconia Jhumki

    Rs. 1,276.00

    This pleasing jhumki set handcrafted in a unique style is the one made for you! Embellished in silver and adorned with shimmering zircons is something that makes this piece brighter....

    Cubic Zirconia Long Silver Earring

    Rs. 2,181.00

    Buy the most stunning pair of earrings that let you make a stylish look. Mirror a creative work of art with this “Cubic Zirconia Silver Jhumki” adorned with royal blue...

    Cubic Zirconia Bahubali Jhumki

    Rs. 1,390.00

    This vintage-inspired bahubali jhumka crafted with silver is must-have to drive everyone’s mind. Adorned with shiny cubic zircons, this piece is well-fitted for every occasion. Match it up with any...


    Rs. 5,816.00

    Qabilah embossed earring sin oxidized silver. These beauties of 42.11 gms are just the need of all young girls and women. Since Boho style is the new trend these days,...

    Ganesh 92.5 Silver Earring Jhumka

    Rs. 2,399.00

    Simple silver Jhumkas with Ganesh Ji designed on them. These studs come with beautiful ball-shaped danglers hanging from the stud. These metallic oxidized silver items are a go-to choice for...

    Unique 92.5 Silver Earring

    Rs. 5,512.00

    Oxidized 92.5 silver earrings with layers. These amazing pieces with three layers come with detailed engraving work done on them by the best craftsmen. It has a flower shape made...

    Antique 92.5 Silver Earring

    Rs. 3,304.00

    Antique design silver earrings for girls. These oxidized pieces have engraved designs like characters of 2 entities and beads hanging to them. This can go perfectly with your solid kurta...

    Timeless Designer Earrings Online For Women

    A poetic symphony woven with nature’s eclectic muses and our artful craftsmanship, makes Miorah’s earrings timeless. From ear studs to jhumkas to chandelier drops- our designs will definitely make you fall in love. Our extensive collection of earrings are suited for every occasion and whim of yours- be it gold, diamond or imitation and silver jewellery: Miorah has it all! Give your outfits a 180 degree flip with our numerous online jewellery options to choose from the comfort of your home.

    Shopping Earrings Online

    Shopping jewellery offline has become boring, and with the pandemic looming it's dangerous! We at Miorah have hundreds of options in earrings ranging from daily lightwear studs to part wear drops. These designs are available in plain gold, studded with diamonds or semi precious gemstones like garnets, etc. and are also available in silver and imitation options. Our earrings are also available in a variety of price ranges to suit your budget. Miorah’s earrings are delivered across India and we have a bunch of payment options as well.

    Fusion of traditional grandeur with modern geometries

    Taking inspiration from the east and west, Miorah’s earrings are reminiscent of old charms fused with the modern ones. Earrings like the jhumkas carry the modern art deco symmetric lines while the imitation jewellery crafted in metals have oxidized silver plating giving them a vintage look. On the other hand our drop earrings are inspired from the unusual musings of home decor that have made impactful changes in fashion jewellery. Our artistic intricacies know no bounds and we constantly work to give you designs which you can hold onto.

    Affordable Pricing

    The most engaging characteristic of Miorah’s collections is that our earrings are highly affordable. And we are not just talking about our silver and imitation jewellery earrings, our gold and diamond earrings also begin at economical prices, something that is missing elsewhere. Shop everyday or every weekend, our alluring designs will definitely help you to stay ahead of the fashion curve.


    Still got questions in mind, here’s some answers for them:

    1. What shape should I choose?
      Since we have loads of options there are many which can bring out your features and well as the diva in you! Here are some tips to follow while shopping for earrings online: Round face: Slim danglers to make your face look slimmer.
      For a long, thin face: Round stud earrings, medium to large-sized hoops and short danglers
      Square/Angular face: Medium to long, round, oval earrings and hoops.
      Heart-shaped face: Chandeliers and tear-drop earrings that draw focus to the lower half of your face.
      Oval face: Any shape will suit you. Studs, danglers, drops, hoops, chandelier earrings in any material or style.

    2. Can I sleep in your earrings?
      Our imitation jewelry is made of the finest materials, but it is always advisable to take care of jewellery so that it lasts long. While you can sleep in small studs, we will always advise you against wearing drops or long drop earrings to bed. You may injure yourself or end up damaging the earrings.

    3. Can I wear my earrings to the shower or the pool?
      As said before fashion jewellery needs care. And like the rule states jewellery should be the last thing you wear while dressing up and the first thing to take off once you are home. Wearing fashion jewellery to the shower or the pool is a strict no no, as it may damage the color and also corrode the gold or silver plating.

    4. If one has sensitive skin, can he/she wear Miorah’s precious and non precious earrings?
      You need not worry about this. As nickel is the main trigger for skin rashes, Miorah makes nickel free jewellery. All our other products go through a strict quality control check so that you have an amazing experience.

    5. If I lose a piece, how do I find a replacement?
      If you lose a piece and you have the purchase details, you can use the product code for ordering the same.

    6. Can children wear these silver and imitation earrings?
      Yes absolutely, our earrings are perfectly safe for the toddlers. Though we may advise against young children wearing heavy earrings, as they might make them uncomfortable.
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