Women Ring Designs

    Anne Solitaire Ring

    Rs. 29,762.00 – Rs. 46,783.00

    There's nothing more beautiful than solitaires. A round brilliant cut diamond sits at the center, complemented with intertwined knots sparkling with more pave set diamonds on the shoulders. This ring...

    Alana Loop Diamond Ring

    Rs. 26,442.00 – Rs. 34,423.00

    Get tangled in everything shimmer and glimmer! This stunning ring features an eye catching knot motif sparkling with pave set diamonds delivering a bold and distinct look. Product Information  Product Weight...

    Azalea Diamond Ring

    Rs. 19,722.00 – Rs. 29,563.00

    This classically styled ring portrays two knots gracefully intertwined with each other bejewelled with sparkling pave set diamonds. A perfect accessory for your everyday wear. Product Information  Product Weight 2.01 gms...

    Ida Diamond Ring

    Rs. 37,642.00 – Rs. 53,585.00

    Turn heads wherever you go with this lustrous ring. Featured with a round cut diamond secured in four prongs, complemented with pave set diamonds embraced on the band. The sculpting...

    Aurora Diamond Ring

    Rs. 24,842.00 – Rs. 42,283.00

    This spectacular state of the art ring boasts a sparkling round cut diamond set amidst an elegant knot design. The pave set diamonds flowing half way down the band add...

    Amelia Diamond Ring

    Rs. 23,857.00 – Rs. 40,542.00

    A sparkling bezel set diamond takes center stage in this beautifully crafted ring. The pave set diamonds adorned in the split shank band completes the design with an elegant touch....

    Anah Diamond Ring

    Rs. 18,962.00 – Rs. 28,483.00

    A meticulously crafted knot makes the center design of this elegant piece. The shimmering diamond accents along with the split shank band complete the ring. Product Information  Product Weight 2.83 gms...

    Scarlet Diamond Ring

    Rs. 18,203.00 – Rs. 27,403.00

    A unique design with a touch of shimmer. This ring shimmers with pave set diamonds in a distinctive split shank design with a knot motif. Product Information  Weight 2.86 gms...

    Abigail Diamond Ring

    Rs. 18,650.00 – Rs. 24,830.00

    This stunning ring features an enticing design of knots adorned with diamonds. The split shank band adds a stylish touch. Product Information  Weight 2.56 gms  Stone Name Diamond  Metal 14K...

    Ziva Diamond Ring

    Rs. 17,443.00 – Rs. 25,086.00

    Adorn your finger with the epitome of elegance and grace. This beautiful ring features an appealing pattern of intertwined loops adorned with pave set diamonds adding a scintillating touch. Product...

    Emerald Ruby Stone Silver Ring

    Rs. 1,651.00

    Every woman loves to have a flowery ring in her jewellery collection and so are you! Why not get this beautiful silver plated ring adorned with emerald, ruby stones? Perfectly...

    Victoria Coin Multistone Silver Ring

    Rs. 2,221.00

    Wear this queenly look silver plated ring and let others stare at you without a blink! Perfectly crafted with 92.5 silver, this piece has a great combination of zircon and...

    Centered Garnet Stone Silver Ring

    Rs. 1,648.00

    Wear this glitzy silver plated ring and let your pretty fingers shine bright like a diamond! Adorned with cubic zirconia and glossy garnet stone in the centre reflects a ravishing...

    Stone Based Silver Plated Ring

    Rs. 1,610.00

    Be a pretty little flowering by wearing this flowery “Stone based silver plated ring” by MIORAH. Enriched with cubic zircons and green garnets, this ring is the perfect fit for...

    Ring With Deadly Combination Of Stones

    Rs. 1,617.00

    This graceful ring is a deadly combination of zircon, ruby, and garnet stones placed with perfection. The tonic texture of oxidized silver adorned with glossy stones gives an antique touch...

    Blue, Green Spinel & Ruby Silver Ring

    Rs. 1,561.00

    This beautiful Spinel, ruby, stone ring is engraved with oxidised silver plating to make it appear classy. The blackish tone around semi-precious ruby and sapphire CZ stone illustrates a vintage-inspired...

    Spinel & Zircon Circular Ring In Silver

    Rs. 1,611.00

    This adorable ring crafted with Green & Blue Spinel & White Zircon embedded on a 92.5 silver surface adds an elegant touch to this piece. Little rounded-zircons around green garnet...

    Green Stone Cubic Garnet Ring

    Rs. 1,716.00

    This precious cubic garnet silver plated ring is best-fitted for your pretty fingers. Made up of 92.5 oxidized silver, this piece with sparkling green stones adds a touch of royalty....

    Garnet Stone Ring In Silver

    Rs. 1,748.00

    This splendid flowery Garnet stone ring embellished in oxidized silver plating to make it look classic. The sterling flower made up of green garnet stone with zircon reflects a vintage-inspired...

    Cubic Zircon Ring

    Rs. 1,510.00

    This ravishing cubic zircon ring is handcrafted with oxidized silver embellished with glittery white stones. A beautiful combination of circle and leaf stones make this ring more eye-catchy. Why not...

    Heart Shaped Zircon & Ruby Stone Ring

    Rs. 2,738.00

    This heart shape ring is crafted in 92.5 oxidized silver adorned with semi-precious zircon and ruby stone. The silver is first oxidized through a natural process to give an antique...

    Queenly Coin With Multi-Stone Silver Ring

    Rs. 2,225.00

    This classy ring crafted with a deadly combination of zircon, garnet, and ruby stones are the one that you can’t afford to miss. This designer piece is prepared with oxidized...

    Opulent Multi-Stone Ring

    Rs. 1,444.00

    An opulent multi-stone ring made with 92.5 oxidized silver adorned in cubic shape. The semi-precious stones placed in adds more sparkling beauty to it. Pair up this beautiful adjustable ring...

    Victoria Empress Silver Zirconia Ring

    Rs. 2,190.00

    Bring romantic elegance to your elegant look with this bridal cubic zirconia ring and let your partner fall in love with you. The piece is designed with oxidized silver adorned...

    Blue Onyx Angel party wear Ring for girls

    Rs. 646.00

    Crafted in silver, this sculpted angel wing adorned with blue onyx sparkles with exquisite details. Honour your precious angel with this exquisite ring, symbolising a close-knit connection with your loved...

    Lily Garnet Ring

    Rs. 890.00

    Carry spring wherever you go! Featured with a sparkling red garnet at the center surrounded with zircon stones arranged in a delicate blooming flower motif, this ring is the epitome...

    Caily American Diamond Ring

    Rs. 965.00

    This gorgeous ring reflects with sparkle all around. Crafted with scintillating american diamonds stones in varied shapes and sizes, this ring is the perfect accessory for your party looks. Product...

    Flora Blue Onyx Ring

    Rs. 1,085.00

    An enchanting mixture of blue onyx and white american diamond stones adorned in a circular flower motif create this alluring ring. Pair it with your favorite dress for a statement...

    Bella Garnet Ring

    Rs. 798.00

    Bold yet beautiful! This stunning ring is crafted with a sober green garnet surrounded by white CZ stones arranged in a beautiful rose gold plated floral pattern. This ring is...

    Occasional Gemstone Ring For Girls

    Rs. 699.00

    A special themed designer occasional gemstone ring for girls provided with a rose gold attractive colour and rose gold plated finishing work. It weighs just 7.5 gms and comes in...

    Ruby CZ Wedding Ring

    Rs. 1,355.00

    A Flower themed plum designer ruby CZ wedding ring for women's provided with an exceptional look and pattern for making its wearer, the bride, look the most attractive one present...

    Wedding Bridal Gemstone Ring

    Rs. 1,355.00

    A Women's themed designer and with a 999 brass metal purity wedding, a bridal gemstone ring provided with a rose gold plate surface finish, has a very appealing look and...

    Gemstone Ring For Women

    Rs. 1,355.00

    Themed designer gemstone ring for women specially provided with an eye-watering beautiful appearance which will mesmerize everyone with its aroma of beauty. It weighs very light, just 10 gms and...

    Rose Quartz Engagement Ring

    Rs. 1,353.00

    Themed bliss design engagement ring with rose quartz specially designed for the auspicious occasion of engagement. The pattern and the looks are very astonishing. It weighs just 8 gms and...

    Occasional Diamond CZ Ring for Womens

    Rs. 972.00

    A Women's themed bliss designer rose gold plated occasional diamond CZ ring for females of all age group. It has one very elegant look and will instantly intensify the beauty...

    Ruby CZ Diamond Ring

    Rs. 1,353.00

    A Plum designer Ruby CZ diamond ring for girls provided with a special classic touch of shining elegance. It weighs 8 gms and has a 999 brass metal purity. Its...

    Rose Quartz Premium Ring

    Rs. 1,377.00

    A Bliss designer rose gold plated diamond ring for women specially designed for providing one very glamour filled stylish and beautiful look. Its texture and pattern are very attractive and...

    Diamond CZ Ring For Women

    Rs. 1,377.00

    A Bliss designer rose gold plated diamond ring for women specially designed for providing one very glamour filled stylish and beautiful look. It weighs just 8.5 gms and 10.5 is...

    Ganesh Silver 92.5 Octagon Ring

    Rs. 996.00

    This modern octagon ring designed with oxidized silver and handcrafted “Ganesh Ji” in the center is the right choice for occasions! Pair it up with any of your saree or...

    Ganesh Ji Silver 92.5 Ring

    Rs. 1,138.00

    This traditional “Ganesh Ji Silver Ring” reflects an old-world charm. Its traditional appeal is highlighting tribal art. This piece is crafted with oxidized silver which gives it a luxuriant touch...

    Designer Silver 92.5 Ring

    Rs. 1,935.00

    This designer ring made up of oxidized silver reflects a beautiful flowery look. For a trendy fashionable look, pick this timeless silver looks black metal ring and match it up...

    Silver Peacock Ring For Women

    Rs. 1,244.00

    This antique 92.5 silver peacock ring is the one that your pretty fingers deserve! Get this oxidized silver ring for you, match it up with your favourite attire and just...

    Silver 92.5 Sun Shape Ring

    Rs. 998.00

    Get the sun shining in your finger with this 92.5 silver ring by MIORAH. This pretty piece is adjustable with crescent and sun design. Capture the attention with your finger...

    Flower Ring With Garnet CZ and Ruby CZ Style

    Rs. 673.00

    This Flower Ring With Garnet CZ and Ruby CZ Style gorgeous ring reflects with sparkle all around. Crafted with perfection. Product Information Weight: 10 gms Stone Name: Ruby CZ, Garnet CZ Metal:...

    Ruby CZ Flower Ring In Gold Plate

    Rs. 673.00

    This Ruby CZ Flower Ring In Gold Plate gorgeous ring reflects with sparkle all around. Crafted with perfection. Product Information Weight: 10 gms Stone Name: Ruby CZ Metal: BrassSales Package:1 Ring...

    Rajputana Traditional Ring In Gold Plate

    Rs. 644.00

    This Rajputana Traditional Ring In Gold Plate is a gorgeous ring reflects with sparkle all around. Crafted with perfection. Product Information Weight: 10 gms Stone Name: Ruby CZ Metal: BrassSales Package:1...

    Designer Made Ring With Multistone

    Rs. 2,372.00

    This rounded silver ring with a perfect combination of Blue & Black sapphire, Ruby & White zircon, and little black stones is the right fit for you. Its black base...

    Ruby Stone With Touch Of Garnet Silver Ring

    Rs. 2,045.00

    This precious silver plated ring by MIORAH is the one you are looking for! Be jeweled with distinctive ruby stones with a unique touch of garnet adds a more sparkling...

    Garnet-Zircon With Black Stones Silver Ring

    Rs. 1,457.00

    This stylish ring crafted with oxidized silver and perfectly placed zircon & black stones make this piece trendy. The blackish base is perfectly blending with sparkling cubic zircons and a...

    Trendy Garnet & Zirconia Silver Ring

    Rs. 1,557.00

    This designer ring inclusive of 92.5 silver plating with cubic zirconia and garnet stone is impossible not to stare at! Get this trendy piece for special occasions and add more...

    Beautiful Rings Online For Women

    Rings are the most basic form of jewellery that we wear nowadays. Once used to determine someone’s marital status across many cultures, it has become more of a fashion statement now. Miorah’s vast collection of rings includes everything from minimalistic and everyday designs to the designer cocktail. Artistically crafted in gold, diamond our rings are also available in silver and imitation jewellery.

    Shopping Rings Online

    The perks of shopping jewellery online from the comfort of your home are many, but when it comes to rings you might get a little skeptical because of the size. To ease your troubles we have provided an option to check your ring size on every page but here’s the good news to it. A lot many designs of Miorah are ADJUSTABLE!!! Yes you read that correct, our silver and imitation jewellery has options of adjustable rings and we also provide a number of varied sizes in gold and diamond rings. Shopping rings online is also a smart option as you get hundreds of options to choose from with flexible payment options, safe delivery to your home and many more.

    Ring Designs

    Miorah’s ring collection offers a bunch of options to choose from i.e. multi stone rings, antique rings, cocktail rings, adjustable rings, and more. With our easy filtering options you can find any ring of your choice according to your price range, design and metal. Be it for engagement, a heartfelt gift for your loved one, a wedding function or a casual party wear, our collections are sure to make you want more! The best thing about shopping from Miorah is that we provide authentic certificates for our gold and diamond rings. You can also customize your ring in white, yellow or rose gold to match your style.

    Affordable Pricing

    As mentioned before rings are the most basic form of jewellery. That is why we made it a point to present you with affordable options in all our categories. Our designs are more affordable than any online jewellery website out there.

    Still got questions in mind, here’s some answers for them:
    1. Can the rings be resized?
      Some of Miorah’s rings are adjustable.

    2. How do I find my ring size?
      We have descriptive size charts on every product page to help you find your perfect size.

    3. If I already know my size, will I still have to use your size chart?
      If you already know your size then you do not need to use our size chart. However please do tally with the available sizes before placing your order.

    4. How do I care for my ring?
      Our products are made of the finest of materials but we do suggest you to not expose your imitation jewellery to water, strong chemicals or perfume. Store your jewellery in boxes to avoid scratches and it also helps to retain the shine longer.

    5. What if my ring gets scratched?
      We hope you care for your fashion jewellery so that it lasts longer. In other cases you can get it re-polished.

    6. What if I don't order the correct ring size?
      Our easy and customer friendly exchange policy ensures that you will be supported if you purchase a wrong size from Miorah.
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