Silver Bracelet for Men's

    Folded Design Thin Layer Bracelet For Men In Silver

    Rs. 4,280.00

    The most economical silver bracelet of the range has a simple yet classic design. The bracelet on the wrist will of course enhance the beauty of the hands helping in...

    Three Interlocked Chain Designer Silver Bracelet

    Rs. 4,586.00

    The elegant plait 92.5 Silver designed bracelet for men definitely attracts the class. Miorah offers a fair exchange and a wide range of designs giving the love at first sight...

    Hefty Design Silver Bracelet

    Rs. 4,880.00

    The fair price 92.5 Silver bracelet with a hefty design and pretty good look longed by anyone is here to give a cool feel for what silver is known for....

    Inter-Lock Design Chain Bracelet Like As Of Salman

    Rs. 5,777.00

    Here's a product for fashion lovers in pure 92.5 Silver. The bracelet specially is designed to have the one put on by the romantic hero Salman Khan, which adds grace...

    Moving Snake Like Designer Made Silver Bracelet

    Rs. 7,456.00

    The silver bracelet specially designed for men making their casual wear at an ease yet economical with a fair deal n convenient exchange, certified by the Moirah Trust. Silver believed...

    Three Thick Attached Chain Bracelet For Men

    Rs. 5,666.00

    A solid three-layered, 92.5 silver bracelet with a silver partition in between is simply sophisticated yet an expensive-looking Royal bracelet for Men. Weighs only 40.95 gms. It has an adjustable...

    Antique Designed Bracelet In Silver

    Rs. 3,888.00

    This round ring and long silver beaded silver are one of a kind and uniquely designed bracelet. Weighing only 27.84 gms it's comfortable and easy to wear hand accessories. It's...

    Detailed Design Thick Silver Bracelet For Men

    Rs. 3,766.00

    A very detailed design of silver in a woven and pleated design adds a solid silver and shiny vibe. The cylindrical-shaped ends are also intricately designed and textured. It's easy...

    Complicated-Chain Inspired Silver Bracelet

    Rs. 3,311.00

    Chained inspired with an infinity symbol designed, Chandi Bracelet is a comfortable, macho kind of Bracelet that will be an attractive and innovative addition to your wrist. Weighs 23.56 gms....

    Chained Inspired Silver Bracelet

    Rs. 3,767.00

    This chained inspired silver bracelet is simply a sophisticated and yet well-engineered item. Weighs only 26.93 gms and is a very comfortable and secure fit. It can go very well...

    Intricate Design Thick Silver Bracelet For Men

    Rs. 4,280.00

    Solid 92.5% silver with intricate design and a thick well-sized with an adjustable hook at the end is such an eye-catching hand accessory. Weighs 30.73 gms. This silver bracelet is...

    A Pleated Design Bracelet For Men

    Rs. 5,153.00

    A pleated design made up of Oxidized Silver with an adjustable hook at the end adds a statement and highlight to your look. Weighs 37.02 gms this ensures a comfortable...

    Men’s Silver Bracelets: A thread

    Silver Bracelets for men are not new to the fashion, rather it is far from it. Infact jewellery has been worn since the metals were first discovered and since then used to mark status and as payment for trade. Historically speaking, many warrior traditions used armbands for armor. The kings and warriors from various cultures also wore armbands on their wrists as well.

    The fact being said is men have been wearing bracelets since centuries. Prehistoric man adorned his wrists with ornaments made of bones, wood and shells to ward off evil spirits. Wealthy men wear bracelets to display their power and status. Bracelets have evolved over time from good luck charms to status symbols to the modern style accessory for men nowadays.

    Depending on which part of the globe you call home, the idea of men wearing bracelets is totally normal.

    Silver bracelets for men similarly to wrist-watches can be worn daily and it is one of the most sought after men’s accessories. Some are dressier and suit formal occasions or some are minimal that can go with any outfit choice. There are a variety of materials from which bracelets are made and can be chosen from including sterling silver, gold, platinum, leather, stainless steel, copper, etc. Bracelets are also considered a versatile accessory that are a reflection of your personality.

    The importance of bracelet in the past

    The idea of men being heavily loaded with expensive jewels might not be in style anymore but it was very much prominent in the past. Jewelry was not simply an accessory for adornment but a symbol of money, power and status as mentioned above. As the archaeological evidence suggests that the art or ritual of jewelry had started as far as 7000 years ago. The excavations in Egypts show that bracelets were worn by people in royalty that were made of bronze, gold, silver, and copper. They were also adorned with shells and stones. Later on bracelets also came with precious and semi-precious gemstones.

    While no one can vouch for the exact date or place as to when men’s bracelets actually originated, it is safe to assume that they have been around since the Neolithic Age (10,000-4,500 BCE). Around this time, prehistoric men already knew how to use animal skins and metals for clothing and footwear. But it is to be noted that the technological innovation of tanning, meaning curing the animal skins and bones to make them more pliable and comfortable to handle further led to the development of more sophisticated designs for footwear and jewellery.

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