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Silver Chandbali Earrings Online For Women

Chandbali earrings, the type of earrings which incorporate the beauty of the “moon”. Chandbali earrings have their roots deeply embedded in the Rajput and Mughal dynasties. These earrings have always been an object of fascination, as they are also believed to be the bejewelled interpretation of the moon. Chandbali earrings were so popular that they have left their imprint across every region and culture. Be it the Nizams of Hyderabad or the Maharajas of the Rajput royalty, chandbalis have been everywhere.

What are Chandbali Earrings?

Traditionally crafted in gold, the chandbali earrings comprise of two crescent moons moulded together in each other, studded with precious gemstones like rubies, diamonds, emeralds and fringed with gold beads or tiny pearls. The top of the earrings are studded with more gemstones like diamonds and pearls. The back of the earrings is equally decorated with fine meenakari (enamelling) work.

The Origin Of the Chandbali Earrings

As mentioned above the origin and use of chandbali earrings can be traced back to both the Rajput and Mughal dynasties. In ancient times the Rajputs even used the chandbali as a jhumar or as a brooch. Whilst one can easily search for the crescent moon earrings in many of the Mughal paintings. The Mughal rulers can be easily credited for the modern interpretations of chandbali, from the heavy embellishments to the tiny pearl drops. However with the intermingling of the various dynasties the half moon shaped earrings remains popular even today.

What is oxidized silver?

From the contemporary designer earrings to the traditional designs, you must have seen a lot many of them in blackened silver these days. It is not only trendy but it also lends an edge to your silver chandbali earrings. The contrasting color also makes the colorful gemstones pop. You also might be wondering what exactly oxidized silver is?

Known as blackened or oxidized silver is actually sterling silver. The surface of the oxidized silver pieces are intentionally darkened by a chemical process. This process takes place when silver is exposed to sulfides, which naturally speeds up the tarnishing of the surface. A layer of silver sulfide forms on the exterior of the jewellery piece giving it a blackened look.

Jewellers use a combination of sulphur, potassium sulfide to achieve the black color. The range of colors that can be achieved through this process is many. The term ‘oxidized’ is used for layman purposes although oxygen has nothing to do with the process.

Miorah’s Oxidised Silver Chandbali Earrings

The beauty of our oxidised silver chandbali earrings is like the moon’s glowing spark. Our range of silver chandbali earrings is the best collection you can find online. Miorah’s silver chandbali earrings enhance your look no matter what outfit you are wearing. The growing popularity of the oxidised silver chandbali earrings have pushed us to present you with designs that are not only jaw dropping but the perfect accessories to elevate your outfits. 

Why choose Miorah’s silver chandbali earrings?

Miorah offers one the best online selection of silver chandbali earrings. We take pride in our designs that showcase an eye catching fusion of the traditional elements along with the new designs. Miorah’s silver chandbali earrings for women carry designs that have been influenced by various cultures. Gleaming with semi precious stones like american diamonds, garnet CZ etc, our oxidized silver chandbali earrings are a dream to look at. Miorah takes inspiration from the rich Indian heritage to curate beautiful designs to present you with an extraordinary collection of chandbali earrings you will find nowhere else. Our earrings also come with various back designs such as clutch backs or ear wires for easy and hassle free wear.

Styling Tips

Miorah’s extensive selection of silver chandbali earrings are the perfect compliment for your ethnic and traditional dresses. Featured with traditional elements inspired from nature like peacock and paisley motifs, our silver chandbali earrings are mesmerizing. We also have designs embellished with colorful semi precious gemstones like american diamonds, garnet rubies, etc. that will definitely add a hint of elegance to your outfits. Pair it with your saree for a statement look. Match up your lehengas with our semi precious tone embellished silver jhumkas for a more glamorous look.