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The use of cufflinks dates back to the 15th century, however they did not become common until the end of the 18th century. Moving into the 19th century, when more people were progressing into the middle class, the need for a more conventional wardrobe went higher. The industrial revolution at that time meant that cufflinks were mass produced and were made available to a very large section of the society.

Just like any other men’s accessory cufflinks play a major role in the dressing part of men. 

No matter what the personal style preferences of a man are, cufflinks are the kind of jewellery that suits anyone and any occasion. It is not only for formal events, as they are considered to be expressive as well. From being a piece of accessory, men’s cufflinks have now become a fashionable artifact.

Miorah’s exclusive range of men’s cufflinks will definitely add a touch of subtle sophistication to your ensemble. As men’s cufflinks are the most recognizable accessory, our selection will help you to turn heads whenever you wear your formals or semi formal outfits. We also offer designs that compliment your casual outfits as well. Since they are not only restricted to formals, Miorah’s indulgent designs will help you choose for any occasion or outfit. All that is required is a long sleeved shirt which has cuff holes. 

Our Designs

Miorah’s cufflinks come in a great many varieties, not only in designs but also in different materials, styles and in the type of fastening too. We have men’s cufflinks crafted in gold and diamonds, sterling silver and fashion and imitation jewellery as well. Some of the popular designs that we offer are bullet back, ball return or the stud and button style. Miorah has a plethora of choices that there is a pair which suits the needs and aesthetics of every man in search of the best cufflinks.

Why choose cufflinks instead of buttons?

Earlier cufflinks were restricted to shirts which had double cuffs. These were also known as French cuff shirts or musketeer cuff shirts. This also meant that these shirts were restricted to formal events only.Over the past decades, men’s cufflinks have emerged as a fashion trend. Men’s cufflinks are not only made for formal outfits but for shirts which can be worn in more casual settings. This trend has pushed cufflinks to a more elaborate step to display fashion rather than buttons. One of the many reasons why men’s cufflinks are preferred over buttons is because they are changeable. Ornamental buttons are seldom removable but when it comes to cufflinks you can change as many pairs as you want on the same shirt. The versatile ability of men’s cufflinks give it a greater advantage over buttons.

Why choose Miorah’s men’s cufflinks?

Miorah has the best online collection in men’s cufflinks. Miorah’s men’s cufflinks can be purchased and worn right out of the box. Our selection of men’s cufflinks is not only affordable but our designs have a distinct appeal to them. You can also mix and match our men’s cufflinks with our men’s bracelets for a more put together look. Miorah’s collection of online men’s cufflinks are a fusion of modern and traditional elements. From gemstone studded designs to geometric patterns, our designer men’s cufflinks have an eye appealing factor to them.