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It is often said that the biggest achievements take place with the smallest gesture. And when it comes to accessories even the small ones have the ability to elevate a monotonous outfit with increased style and flair. 

The miniature tie pins or otherwise also known as tie clips are small but a big part of that category. All you need is a small piece crafted in non-precious metal, gold or sterling silver that holds your tie in place which emphasizes your personality with the slightest of touch.

History of Tie Pins

In the late 18th and 19th century when the four in hand knot ties became popular, the aristocrats started using tie tacks or stick pins to hold their elaborate neckwears in place to prevent the wind from whipping it around. Ties in that age were made of light cloth materials that were very much prone to wrinkling and even a small gust of wind will have a person struggling with it. Since the dressing etiquettes of that time were very proper, the tie tacks were a tool that became popular quickly for its stability to hold ties down. Soon in the year 1926, a tailor named Jesse Langsdorf curated a new way to cut the tie in a certain angle with three pieces which not only avoided wrinkling but also lay flat. The new design spread a wave and soon tie clips became a staple in every gentleman’s wardrobe. Most men acquired them in various designs made of different metals and gold. Often these tie pins or clips featured geometric patterns, elaborate designs studded with gemstones etc.

With the onset of World War I and World War II tie pins started to make an appearance in the regiments as well. Many clubs and businesses offered club tie pins which were specific to brand their employees and members. As more and more men skipped the vest from their formals, tie clips became a crucial part. 

Our Designs

Miorah’s tie pins come in a great many varieties, not only in designs but also in different materials, styles and in the type of fastening too. We have men’s tie pins crafted in gold and diamonds, sterling silver and fashion and imitation jewellery as well. Some of the popular designs that we offer are with elaborate danglers. Miorah has a plethora of choices that there is a pair which suits the needs and aesthetics of every man in search of best tie pins.

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Miorah has the best online collection in men’s tie pins. Miorah’s men’s tie pins can be purchased and worn right out of the box. Our selection of men’s tie pins is not only affordable but our designs have a distinct appeal to them. You can also mix and match our men’s tie pins with our men’s other accessories for a more put together look. Miorah’s collection of online men’s tie pins are a fusion of modern and traditional elements. From gemstone studded designs to geometric patterns, our designer men’s tie pins have an eye appealing factor to them.