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Silver Jhumka Earrings Online For Women

Earrings have been a major part of India’s lifestyle. Walking down the history lane, from Indus Valley Civilizations to the paintings of the Ajanta Caves, our love for earrings has manifested from every place. Earrings have always been one of the most essential categories of jewellery. There are a few pieces of jewellery that survive the test of time and travel centuries, with their fame not being tarnished. The jhumka earring is a classic example of that. Loved and wanted by all jhumka earrings are the prettiest.

What are jhumka earrings?

The Jhumka or Jhumki earrings are the kind of earrings that have the shape of an inverted bell like motif with beads hanging from it. Sometimes a small tear drop shaped piece of metal or a gemstone bead hangs from the inside as well. When a woman wears jhumka earrings and shakes her head, the tiny beads clang against each other and make a lovely sound. Together with the sound and the inverted bell appearance has given the name Jhumka/ Jhumki earrings. 

Origin of Jhumka Earrings

These beautiful pairs of jhumka earrings originated from the Bharatnatyam dance form’s jewellery. Slowly it gained popularity and became one of the go to pieces for the women around the world. And it also saw a shift in designs as there was a combination of the East and the West cultures.

Fusion of the old and the new

Taking inspiration from the east and west, Miorah’s silver jhumka earrings are reminiscent of old charms fused with the modern ones. Miorah offers the best online collection of silver jhumka earrings for women. Earrings like the silver jhumkas feature intricate designs decorated with many embellishments of american diamonds, garnet CZ, rubies, peridots etc.The oxidized silver plating gives them a vintage look. Our artistic intricacies know no bounds and we constantly work to give you designs which you can hold onto. 

What is oxidized silver?

From the contemporary designer jhumkas to the traditional designs, you must have seen a lot many of them in blackened silver these days. It is not only trendy but it also lends an edge to your silver jhumka earrings. The contrasting color also makes the colorful gemstones pop. You also might be wondering what exactly oxidized silver is?

Known as blackened or oxidized silver is actually sterling silver. The surface of the oxidized silver pieces are intentionally darkened by a chemical process. This process takes place when silver is exposed to sulfides, which naturally speeds up the tarnishing of the surface. A layer of silver sulfide forms on the exterior of the jewellery piece giving it a blackened look.

Jewellers use a combination of sulfur, potassium sulfide to achieve the black color. The range of colors that can be achieved through this process is many. The term ‘oxidized’ is used for layman purposes although oxygen has nothing to do with the process.

Styling Tips

Miorah’s extensive selection of silver jhumka earrings are the perfect compliment for your ethnic and traditional dresses. Featured with traditional elements inspired from nature like peacock and paisley motifs, our silver jhumka earrings are mesmerizing. We also offer silver jhumka earrings with lovely colorful bead drops that have a hint of elegance to your outfits. Pair it with your saree for a statement look. Match up your lehengas with our semi precious tone embellished silver jhumkas for a more glamorous look. 


Still got questions in mind, here’s some answers for them:


  • Can I sleep in your jhumka earrings?


While you can sleep in small studs, we will always advise you against wearing jhumka earrings to bed. You may injure yourself or end up damaging the earrings. 


  • Can these jhumka earrings be worn in non pierced ears?


As jhumka earrings are mostly a little bit weighted, clip on designs might slip from your ears.


  • If i have multiple piercings will silver jhumka earrings work for me?


Yes of course if you mix and match it with smaller studs, they will definitely elevate your look.


  • Can I wear my jhumka earrings to the shower or the pool?


As said before fashion jewellery needs care. And like the rule states jewellery should be the last thing you wear while dressing up and the first thing to take off once you are home. Wearing fashion jewellery to the shower or the pool is a strict no no, as it may damage the color and also corrode the gold or silver plating.


  • If one has sensitive skin, can he/she wear Miorah’s imitation and silver jhumka earrings?


You need not worry about this. As nickel is the main trigger for skin rashes, Miorah makes nickel free jewellery. All our other products go through a strict quality control check so that you have an amazing experience.


  • If I lose a piece, how do I find a replacement?


If you lose a piece and you have the purchase details, you can use the product code for ordering the same. 

  • Can children wear these silver and imitation jhumka earrings?


Yes absolutely, our earrings are perfectly safe for the toddlers. Though we may advise against young children wearing heavy earrings, as they might make them uncomfortable.

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