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Stylish Toe Rings Online For Women

Toe Rings have a huge cultural and ethnic significance in India and several other Southeast Asian countries. Also known as “bichiya”, toe rings are small silver rings that are worn in the longest toe and are believed to regulate the health of women. Some cultures also believe that toe rings increase fertility in women and are known to cleanse the body of negative energy. Therefore from being a significant accessory for married women, toe rings have now become a global fashion accessory.

Miorah’s toe rings are crafted in such a way that not only they have a traditional touch but a globalized appeal as well. Mixing the fashion and traditional inspirations from the east and the west Miorah created designs which will definitely make you the centre of attraction. Our silver toe rings are crafted by expert artisans who work hard to deliver you designs which not only connect you to your cultural roots but also it includes designs which are quirky and fashionable enough to pair with any outfit of your choice.

Miorah brings you a variety of options in toe rings; be it minimal and simplistic ones or sparkling with semi precious stones like american diamonds, garnet cubic zirconia, etc. Our attractive designer toe rings also come with colorful meenakari work which adds a classic touch and will always help you to stay ahead in the fashion game. Mix and match with your ethnic dresses or indo westerns to create a standout appearance.

Why to wear toe rings?

Given the cultural significance and the health benefits, wearing toe rings are an easy way to add tons of fashion appeal to your personal appearance. Toe rings are small but they play a big role in your overall outfit- because they are subtle but have a distinct glam.

Affordable Prices

These tiny trinkets are one of the most budget friendly accessories you can have. Miorah’s toe rings collection are not only affordable but also come with a durable make and finish.


Still got questions in mind, here’s some answers for them:

Do toe rings have varied sizes like rings?

No toe rings are always adjustable, you can wear them in any toe.

How do I take care of toe rings?

Miorah’s toe rings are very durable, but we always suggest that you take care of your jewellery. You should never use harsh chemicals in cleaning as it may cause corrosion and the piece will lose its shine.